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January 2002
o News:
- Multi-Language support: HT supports now english. Thanks a lot to Tom L. who made an 'ant work' to correct translation errors. HT can support other language, but it needs only translators...
- SQL Console: you can create and test SQL requests with HAPedit (Alt+F12)
- Customizable toolbar: you can add buttons in default toolbar. See Menu: Options | Toolbar
- In Options, new tab 'Misc.' with lots of useful opotions.
- In help menu: 'HAPedit Documentation' allow to open 'HAPedit.html' shipped with installation file.
o Improvements:
- Opening a file, HAPedit replaces tabs chars with spaces. This function is now faster (a lot)
- Syntax highlightning for php vars like "$obj->name"
- Php comilation error localization, when error is in an include file.
- Save last position and size is now an option.
- New icons.
o Fixed bugs:
- The most important: Startup faster and also there is no more incompatibility with some others programs (EasyPhp, MSM messager, DAP, ...)
- Print documents. It's working better but it must bring improvements.
- Inserting an image tag in string (asp, php, js) with option 'Skip preview' activated: quottes are translated.
- Shift+Ctrl+o opens last document without replacing current document. Ctrl+Enter opens link under cursor without replacing current document.
- Message 'FindFirstChangeNotification() failed' doesn't popup anymore when we browse through local network with project explorer.
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