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September 2003
o News:
- HAPedit environment in Polish, Dutch and British.
- Code Explorer ASP/PHP.
- Integrated HTML validator.
- Clip Librairy and Development Languages are dockable windows.
  (User strings and Filters are now placed in Clip Librairy)
- New Palette to select an HTML color, with more cutomizable colors and a magic picker.
o Improvements:
- All HTML tags can be edited.
- Extract/Check images and links is now more pertinent.
- New window for Options.
- FTP Manager works with new kinds of servers FTP.
- More rapid at start-up and at close-up.
- Add-ons will start very more quickly.
o Fixed Bugs:
- Multi-monitoring bug is fixed.
- Typping some accented chars in PHP code.
- Bugs in undo/redo.
- Persitent selected code after double-clicking.
Remark: version remplaced this version by October 2003,
after an odd bug has been reported: the start-up of a module after its downloading.

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