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This page lists reported bugs.

Date Version Description Tracker Status
03/08/2008 * Code completion and a multi-sceen configuration BW² Fixed
02/13/2008 * No folders/files icons if C: is not the system disk Marc Fixed
11/15/2007 * Wrong tab order (to move cursor) in search from Dmitry Fixed
03/05/2007 * PHP function/constante names starting with _ Daniel Fixed
03/28/2006 ? Checking errors on PHP script with an user function defined twice fplanglois Fixed
11/21/2005 * PHP syntax highlighting for "$array[key]" within a string Kevin Fixed
10/05/2004 * HTML syntax highlighting - Tag "bdo" Daniel Fixed
07/31/2004 * Code Completion - Text is invisible with black background naveed Fixed
06/13/2004 ? Code Completion - HTML tags list after < and Ctrl+Space Heiko Fixed
06/02/2004 * CSS syntax highlighting - Trouble with slash John Fixed
05/26/2004 ? Invisible cursor at startup John Fixed
05/02/2004 * CSS syntax highlighting - Universal selector * Tom Fixed
11/05/2003 ? Display of menu items if "no icons" option is checked Stéphane Fixed


Legend: the report bug date, the affected version (* = all), the description, thanks to the tracker who found the bug (* = several trackers), the status: "Known" = known but not fixed, "Processing..." = I'm studying the report, "Fixed" = fixed but not necessarily available.

Before reporting a bug, please check that your version is not older than the current version 3.1 available now (See Menu: Help -> About).

To report a new bug, please see Schreiben Sie mir

Siehe auch: Bekannte Probleme, Fehlerberichte - wie Sie Softwarefehler melden sollten

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