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October 2002
o News:
- New icons in toolbar and menus.
- Multi-files search can display search results in a list.
- Php compilation messages are displayed in a list.
- Compile all (php project).
- Reload current document (F5).
- Cookies management.
- New options to simulate browser parameters for compilation.
- New options for <table> and <td> tags settings.
- 'Reopen' menu displays old opened documents for each projects.
o Improvements:
- SQL console in a floating windows. Furthermore, it shows content of a blob field.
- Recent files are classified in tree.
- Options for Undo.
- Multi-lines documents tab sheet. (Option)
- Contextual menu in project explorer (on projects and folders only).
- Php code completion lists functions of version 4.2.2
- Startup (one more time) is faster.
o Fixed bugs:
- Compilation if code contained a redirection function (header or Response.Redirect).
- Compilation will display all errors messages, even those from the server ones (forbidden, etc.).
- Php syntax highlighting shows number in octal, hexa and decimal bases (e.g: '012345670', 0x1234567890abcdef' and '1234567890')
- Problem typing a word with chars such as '^' or '¨' in php, asp or js code.
- Problems with "Associated web site" and "Associated URL" in right-click on project in project explorer.
o Remarks :
- HAPedit is now compiled with Delphi5 under win2000.
- I'm preparing a Linux version...
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