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Modifications of last versions:

o Version
- HAPedit environment in Brasilian, Bulgaria, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified.
- Multi-User Mode.
- Respect the original file format (DOS, UNIX, MAC)
- HAPedit recognizes the extended PHP manual (ECHM)
- The mouse wheeling will scroll the control under the mouse cursor.
- Read the "compiled" code according to the mimeType.
- New design for page properties panel.
- A lot of bugs fixed (the famous "Alt+Tab").
- The English forum is on-line.
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o Version
- HAPedit environment in Polish, Dutch and British.
- Code Explorer ASP/PHP.
- Integrated HTML validator.
- Clip Librairy and Development Languages are dockable windows.
  (User strings and Filters are now placed in Clip Library)
- New Palette to select an HTML color, with more cutomizable colors and a magic picker.
- All HTML tags can be edited.
- New window for Options.
- Multi-monitoring bug is fixed.
- More rapid, more powerful, more useful...
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o Version
- HAPedit environment in Spanish.
- Code Completion lists ASP functions defined in your code.
- Right-click on a document tab will activate document tab where you clicked.
- "Disabled" and "ReadOnly" in 'input' tags.
- Bug fixed renaming an edited file in project explorer.
- Bug fixed 'tr' tag settings.
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o Version
- HAPedit environment in German and Italian.
- CSS and SQL files management.
- Text selection mode: Normal, Column, Line.
- Text alignment setting 'justify' is now in the list.
- "!Doc Types" and "Mime Types" in Clip Library.
- Very useful improvements.
- Some known problems and bugs fixed.
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o Version
- New icons in toolbar and menus.
- Cookies management and redirections.
- Improvements for php devlopement (Code completion, 'compile all', options).
- Improvements for SQL console, FTP Manager, recent files.
- Reload current document (F5).
- 'Window message' with search results or compilation errors.
- A lot of options.
- Some known problems fixed.
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o Version
- FTP Manager (Add-on). A FTP-Client to upload files on your web site.
- Regular expressions.
- Code Completion for php lists functions and constants defined in your code.
- iCoBoX. An add-on to create .gif from .ico, .icl, etc.
- Clip Library to insert into code special strings.
- Html Strict management.
- Only one file to download.
- Faster startup.
- Minor bugs fixed.
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o Version
- Ctrl+J to show Code Template.
- Automatic brace-matching: highlight blocks '{}', '()', '[]'.
- Support chm format for php manual.
- New options.
- Minor bugs fixed.
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o Version
- Search/Replace. Now we can search and replace in opened documents or in files project.
- Open a files group. Yous select predefined files types or a mask files to open.
- Displays php functions parameters. While you provide parameters of a php function, a 'Hint' pops up to indicate type of current parameter. See fonctions php.
- Management of dynamic tags (asp ou php) inside attributes parameters of a html tag.
All details
o Version
(To correct important bugs)
- Best detection of php4 configuration.
- Correction of automatic upgrade. (SmartUpdate)
- Improvement around SQL console and code completion; new shortcuts.
All details
o from version 1.x to 2.0:
("freeDani HtmlTool" becomes HAPedit)
- Program can support several languages.
- SQL console for testing requests.
- Customizable toolbar.
- New options.
- Correction of documents printing.

If you want to follow HAPedit evolution in details and test some beta versions, see Nieuwsbrief.

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