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January 2003
o News:
- HAPedit environment in German and Italian.
- CSS and SQL files management.
- JavaScript.lng language development.
- Syntax highlighting attribute for php numbers.
- Syntax highlighting settings for SQL.
- Text selection mode: Normal, Column, Line.
- In project explorer, file attributes column.
- Two "General" Options : "Deactivate extended shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+ )" and "No right marge".
- Find string in selected text.
- Text alignment setting 'justify' is now in the list.
- "!Doc Types" and "Mime Types" in Clip Library.
o Improvements:
- Text and JavaScript files extension settings.
- For php, you can choose another php default extension than '.php3' or '.php'; also use format <?php ?>.
- <font> tag setting stores list of used fontnames.
- Code Completion for HTML tags shows tag definition in English.
- You can store more than one user filter.
- In <a> form settings, attribute 'title'.
- Sub-menu "Others recent files in each project" is sorted.
- New icons for development languages treeview.
o Fixed Bugs:
- Horizontal scroll: we can scroll beyond 3500th char.
- New file from a template: no more line inserted at the top.
- Proxy authenticate: format "http://user:password@proxyurl/" is parsed as planned
- Php syntax highlighting with double-quoted strings on multi-lines or filling [] chars.
- Code completion for php var didn't popup or didn't handle right string.
- Php constants detection: HAPedit didn't detect all formats definition.
- Some *important* php functions added to the code completion.
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