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February 2002
o News:
- Search/Replace. It's now possible to search and replace in opened documents or in project files.
- Open a group files: in menu Project | Open. You can provide predefined files types (see Options | Extensions) or provide masks file; e.g: 'order*.*;caddie*.php?;reg_?.inc' (without quottes).
- Php 'Code Hint'. Typying paramaters of a php function, an 'Hint' will popup to give you indication about the current paramater. See php functions.
- Brace-matching for '()', '[]' or '{}' blocks. Use Alt+Up to go to the beginning of the block, Alt+Bottom to go to the end.
- Open an include file (Ctrl+Enter): in html code on SSI directive (!-- #include file="xxx") or in php code on include/require, will open specified file.
o Improvements:
- DragText: (Drag&Drop selected text inside the editor). A lots of modifications and it works better.
- Print Options: settings are saved.
- 'Create a project'. Create a folder and add it to the projects list.
- In advanced documents popup menu, items 'Open image under cursor' and 'Open link under cursor'.
- Php key-words 'endif', 'endwhile', etc. are detected for syntax highlighting.
o Fixed bugs:
- Dynamic tags management (asp or php) inside attributes paramerters of an html tag.
e.g: <img src="php.gif" alt="Php <? echo $PHP_VERSION ?>" border="0">
- Meta tags edit in php or asp document.
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