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May 2004
o New Things :
- HAPedit Environment in Brasilian, Bulgaria, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified.
- Mode "Multi-User": HAPedit can be shared; the settings will be stored in a
(See: Multi-User Mode for more information)
- Respect the original file format (DOS, UNIX, MAC)
- HAPedit recognizes the extended PHP manual (ECHM)
- The mouse wheeling will scroll the control under the mouse cursor.
- The Clip Library lists the extended HTML entities (not Latin)
- PHP option: Display environment variables in code completion.
- Clean up spaces at end of line when saving document
- Options to control the behavior of the middle click and double-click on a document tab.
- The English forum is on-line.
o Improvements :
- A faster procedure to load documents; it also uses fewer resources than before.
- Code completion: faster, and allows scrolling the list with the mouse wheel.
- HAPedit knows the attributes list assigned to a tag.
- Reading the compiled code, according to the MimeType.
- Code explorer is more rapid.
- Search for text using insensitive-case, is no longer restricted to work with latin-1 letters (é<=>É).
- Page properties panel has a new design.
- HTML syntax highlighting recognizes (almost) all HTML entities.
o Fixed bugs : (major ones)
- Alt+Tab!
- In the Undo, a bug causes the loss some lines of code!!!
- In project explorer, reading a folder with some attributes.
- Code Completion closing itself.
- Problème pour changer de document si il y a plusieurs lignes d'onglets.
- Several bugs around syntax highligthing (display, settings)
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