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"Multi-user" mode allows several users to share a single installation of HAPedit.
This is only possible beginning with version 3.1

It is possible to share over a network or simply between multiple users of a single machine.
In either case, each needs to have his or her own Settings folder. To find out where your Settings are stored, go to Menu: Information → Environment → "Settings Folder".

Your privileges when running and updating HAPedit depend on the privileges you hold over the folder where HAPedit is installed:
- 1) Read + Write (non-networked)
The highest level. You have access to all functions:
You can download new modules and run upgrades using Smart Update.
You are the Super Administrator, the only one allowed to run SmartUpdate.
- 2) Read + Write (over the network)
The "classic" Administrator level. You can download new modules (Add-ons and Languages).
These modules will be available immediately to all users.
- 3) Read Only
The User level. You can only use modules already downloaded and installed by an administrator.
No other restrictions.

Note to administrators

An administrator can set certain default configuration settings for new users who will be running HAPedit for the first time. In general, this allows for the configuration of the network resources. For example, the administrator can set the "Document Root", a list of projects on the network as well as the location of help files such as the PHP manual or HTML help files.
These settings are defined in the HAPedit installation folder in the "network.ini" file. To see a list of the settings that can be defined as defaults in this way, consult the "network.ini-dist" file, which is distributed in the .zip archive.
In summary:
- Only new users read this file. It does not affect the settings of existing users.
- Only the settings in the network.ini-dist file can be set as default parameters.

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