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Add-ons are separated components; you will download a module at run-time at their first startup.
(See SmartUpdate to upgrade them)

You launch Add-Ons since Menu: Tools | Add-ons.
You can also add a button in toolbar; see Menu: Options | ToolBar.

! Before uninstall, read recommandations below this page to be sure you will let nothing.

Add-Ons are:
Allows to upgrade program through Internet connection.
It downloads application and re-installs the add-ons from last release (or downloads their new release).
Downloaded files are stored in subfolder 'Updates' in HAPedit.
It's highly recommanded to use it to upgrade HAPedit.
FTP Manager: (FTP Client)
Allows to send projects files on the web.
It is not a console; it's a file explorer look-like, with two lists.
Allows to archive project with 7 clicks.
Allows to create .gif from icons (.ico, .icl, .exe, .dll).
Add in Windows explorer, "HAPedit" in right-click menu, on file type who defined in HAPedit options.
Allows to add too, shortcuts to HAPedit at several locations.
Use this add-on to complete your installation.
Uninstall recommandations:

Only the add-on 'Shortcuts/Explorer' writes data out of HAPedit folder.
If you are sure that you didn't use it, then jump to step 6.

  1. Run add-on 'Shortcuts/Explorer'
  2. Select all options in each sheet
  3. Select operations 'Remove ...' in each sheet
  4. Click on 'Apply'
  5. Close the window
  6. Close HAPedit
  7. Delete file 'ht_adds.bin' located in HAPedit folder.

I'm looking foward all ideas for new add-ons, and perhaps integrate one of your programs.
I'm working on a CSS editor.

See also: HAPedit

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