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Asp management doesn't work as well it does in php, because HAPedit can't catch the error codes returned on compilation.

Syntax highlighting asp/html is one of the main features, In addition, code completion is available for Asp as it is for HTML. Furthermore, HAPedit is shipped with the following development languages: Asp, ADODB and VBScript.
See: syntax highlighting asp, code completion for html tags and asp code.

In the 'Page' menu, the function 'Insert file', allows you to add an 'include' directive with selected file name.

Alt+F2 Display window with code explorer.
Shift+Ctrl+B inserts a "<% %>" tag.
Shift+Ctrl+C converts the selected text into a comment.
Shift+Ctrl+P converts double-quotes from string chars into special double-quotes.

In string chars, e.g. '<% Response.Write("...', you can access all html functions. This means that you can edit/insert html tags in string chars, using the HAPedit interface. See: Insert tag <img>.

See also: HTML, PHP, Editor, More!

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