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Integrated project manager, with a Windows Explorer style interface, allows you to browse in folders of your projects.

First of all, projects manager allows to open a file quickly, but also to preview images or launch a browser with the selected page.
A button lets you launch Windows Explorer any time for the selected file or folder. In addition, right-click on any item list to display a contextual menu or Windows properties.
See: Explorator | Extensions | Display properties

Explorer interface also allows:
- add and setup your personal tools in main menu, (see below)
- add and setup development languages user data,
- add browsers to preview your pages.

An SQL Console:
This console allows you to create and test SQL requests; it works with all databases format.
See: SQL Console
Add-Ons :
Intergrated tools build for specific tasks; Upgrade HAPedit, Archive project, FTP Client, Create .gif from .ico, Add shortcuts for desktop.
See: Add-Ons Description
A lot of shortcuts:
See: Shortcuts
But also:
  • Code Explorer (ASP/PHP).
  • Multi-file regular expression search functions.
  • Multi-file opening function: you provide pre-defined file extentions or file masks, project or folder.
  • Template management to create new files. See: Templates
  • Clip library to add different code snippets from a list.
  • You can add your personal tools to the main menu. Each tool has some run-time paramaters like: give current document as parameter.
  • Last edited files are re-opened at position where it was closed.
  • Between two runs, data are stored in standard .ini file
    Registry is not used !
  • Install and uninstall are very easy: Unzip&Run
  • Fast launch.
  • This is freeware and there are a lot of good things to discover...

See also: HTML, ASP, PHP, Editor, History/ChangeLog

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