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o Installation:
  •   France, Marseille (Europe)
  • Version
    (May 28th, 2004)
  • 1.32 MB
    MD5: 719d7cb87f4d634e6a6d82fd6a399ead
    (Download time < 6 min at 4KB/s)
  • Zip file, installation by hand:
    you must extract all files in a new folder.
    (e.g: "C:\Program Files\HAPedit\")
    For a shared usage, see Multi-User Mode.
  • Uninstallation by hand:
    delete install folder and
    the settings folder in each user profile ("Local Settings").
    (No .dll, .ini or registry keys to remove)
  • 12 available languages:
  • Notes:
    - This .zip file is shipped with English-US and French languages.
    - Some modules will be downloaded at run-time (after confirmation).
o Upgrade:
Use add-on 'SmartUpdate', in menu Tools -> Add-ons.
It will download and install only upgraded modules (between 4 and 7 clicks).

See also: Add-Ons Description, What's new ?, Requirements, Terms of use

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