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HAPedit offers a simple but efficient interface for creating and editing HTML tags.

Tool bar buttons allow you to choose and insert tags quickly.
In image above, we see button to access to actions for page, forms, images, links, tables, text and for special functions.
To edit a tag, use Ctrl+E on the keyboard or double-click with mouse into tag code. Screenshot

Html development is facilitated with syntax highlighting and code completion.
Code completion is an assistant which appears while you type to offers to complete the current word for you.
See: html syntax highlighting, code completion for html tags and html attributes.

In an html tag (eg: blockquote, table) Ctrl+F1 can provide a description of the current tag.
Help may be a file in .hlp format or a folder with .html files like those used by DreamWeaver.

Editor shows code in text-mode, and uses your browser to preview pages.
You can define several browsers, in order to check quickly display compatibilities directly from HAPedit.

See also: ASP, PHP, Editor, More!

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