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The editor, with its multi-document interface, functions in text-mode, and uses your browser(s) to preview pages.

As you write code, you can call one of the page-checking functions to check for broken links or missing images.
You can extract code for images or links, to check them individually; all extractions are made after a 'compilation' for dynamic languages, such php or asp.
See: img-1 | img-2 | link-1 | link-2

By "compilation", I mean generating the html code; this is similar to when you view source code in your browser: dynamic code is changed into html language.
This is possible, if you have a local web server (Apache, IIS or PWS) running on your machine.

Compilation is also used (automatically) to compute download time of current edited document.
See: Code properties

All functions calling 'compilation' can be executed with a QueryString.

In addition to the code completion, code template allow you to insert quickly a block of code that you definied.

Text search/replace can be in current document, opened documents or project documents, with options such as regular expression (POSIX) and files mask ("*.php?;*.inc").

See also: HTML, ASP, PHP, More!

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