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Template files are used each time you create a new file.
The number of templates that you can use is unlimited!
If you create a new file without an import template, HAPedit will use the template file 'default'.

o To create a template:
In menu: File | Save as template
o To import a template:
In menu: File | New | Import template
In templates files, some terms will be replaced after loading file:
  • %generator% by <meta name="generator" content="HAPedit 3.1">
  • %application% by HAPedit
  • %longdate% by dddd dd mm yyyy
  • %datetime% by mm yyyy hh:mm:ss
  • %date% by mm yyyy
  • %time% by hh:mm:ss
- For dates/hours "dddd" represents the day of week,
   "dd" the day of month, "mm" the month, "yyyy" the year,
   "hh" hours, "mm" minutes, "ss" secondes.
- Some samples are shipped with file to download.
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