Welcome. On this site, you will find all information about freeware HAPedit. (Version 3.1)

HAPedit is an acronym for Html Asp Php editor; a win32 text-mode editor useful for all developers of dynamic web pages.

Its main features are: syntax highlighting for html/php, html/asp, html, JavaScript, CSS and SQL; page preview in browser; project manager; php code "compilation"; edit html tags; code completion; preview images; SQL console; FTP Manager; Code Explorer and more.

(This is freeware)

HAPedit Preview
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Users appreciate: easy and fast install (Unzip&Run), rapid startup, program stability, 'brace-matching', integrated php help (.chm format; separate download), multi-file regular expression search functions, page statistics (rendered size, images, links, etc), freeware...

o For a general introduction to HAPedit, see the following pages:
HTML: edit html tags, insert images, etc.
ASP: syntax highlighting, etc.
PHP: php code compilation, etc.
o For deeper presentation, see:
Editor: code extraction, code properties, etc.
More!: projects manager, templates, tools, SQL console, etc.
Add-Ons Description: some integrated tools (FTP Manager, Archiver, ...).
Screenshots: presentation with images.

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See also: Download, Translation

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