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How to indent a text block?

Select text to indent, then
- TAB indent block on right,
- Shift+TAB indent block on left.

How to deactivate tab chars replacement?

You can't; HAPedit doesn't work when there are tabulation chars in code. They will be replaced every time.
But, this is not definitive; I will change this odd thing...

Why does "Close all" leave one open document?

In Options, "Files" tab, there is an option "Always keep one opened document".

How to specify username and password to my proxy server?

In Options, tab 'Connection', field 'Proxy address', use following format:
If you must specify, only username:

Then, you could find: or

Why does php code compilation ignore the "QueryString"?

"QueryString" only works if you compile through the server and not directly with "php.exe".
In Options, "Php" tab, option 'Use local server'. (instead of 'php direct')

How to wrap long lines automaticly?

Option 'word wrap' doesn't exist in HAPedit.
You have to do this by hand.

Why editor fonts choice is limited?

HAPedit editor only works with 'fixed pitch' fonts. This property sets the same size to 'i' and 'm' char that allows correct indentation in code.

Is a Linux version planned?

Yes, I think about it; I just start with Kylix and Linux...

ASP/PHP code completion doesn't work with "include" files?

Yes, it goes to search defined variables into files called with "require", "include", etc. It works if HAPedit is able to resolve the relative pathname to the file. To resolve a relative pathname, you have to provide the "root" folder of your project, this is the pathname where are located the ASP/PHP pages with directives "require" or "include".
See Menu: File -> Root folder

Does HAPedit ship virus, spyware or any malware?

No, HAPedit is clean.
External link to Softpedia for the "100% CLEAN" AWARD of HAPedit.

See also: Annexes

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