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Development languages (.lng) are rewritable files, which fill text to insert.
Data are organized in a tree with two levels. (Screenshot)

  • .lng file is formated like standard windows .ini file:
    To create a node, write text between []: [Sample]
    To add an item to this node, add its name to new line
    followed by '=' and a value between 1 and 4
    1=>Collection/Table 2=>Property 3=>Methode/Function 4=>Event
    To add contextual help to an item
    add | (pipe) and your text:
    stringtoadd=3|This is contextual help of item
    See .lng files shipped with HAPedit as samples. (Php, Asp, VBScript, ADODB and CSS).
  • Depending on the terminology of the language, the text to insert can be table/collection, property/constante/var, method/function, event.
  • The Languages window may be displayed by pressing Crtl+D.
  • To add, edit or configure language options, see in Menu: Options | Development languages:
    Each language has its own parameters for insertion text and you can rewrite them depending your needs. (right-click)
Remark: Hints of items are in French only. See 'Help Context' parameter to deactivate it.
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