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o In menu:

Ctrl+O Open Open file
Ctrl+S Save Save modifications
Shift+Ctrl+S Save all Save all modified files
Ctrl+F4 Close Close current document
Shift+Ctrl+F4 Close all Close all documents
Alt+F4 Quit Quit HAPedit
Ctrl+Z Undo Undo last modification
Shift+Ctrl+Z Redo Revert last undo
Ctrl+X Cut Cut selected text
Ctrl+C Copy Copy selected text
Ctrl+V Paste Paste text from clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+V Special Paste Apply special filter to clipboard text (Configure the filter by selecting Ctrl+D => Filter/Paste).
Ctrl+A Select all Select all text
Ctrl+E Edit tag Edit html tag under cursor
Shift+Ctrl+E Select tag Select tag from <tag> to </tag>
Ctrl+F Find Search for string in document, all open documents or in multiple project files
Ctrl+F3 Find Selected Search for next occurence of selected text
F3 Find Next Find next of last string search for
Ctrl+R Replace... Replace text in document(s) or in project files
Ctrl+G Goto line... Move cursor to specified line
Ctrl+Q Query String Associate Query String with current document for http requests
Alt+F12 SQL Console... Display SQL console for executing requests
Shift+F2 "Compiled" code Display "compiled" code of current document
Ctrl+F2 HTML Validator Display html parsed code of current document
Ctrl+F9 Compile code Compile dynamic page code
Actions -> Image
Ctrl+I Insert image... Select image to insert
Ctrl+Enter Preview image... Preview image under cursor
Actions -> Link
Ctrl+L Create link Create link (<a href="">)
Shift+Ctrl+L Create anchor Create anchor (<a name="">)
Ctrl+Enter Open link under cursor Open link under cursor (local file)
Actions -> Text
Ctrl+Alt+F (a) Font Insert tag <font>
Ctrl+Alt+P (a) Paragraph Paragraph <p>
Ctrl+Alt+B (a) Block quote Insert block quote <blockquote>
Ctrl+Alt+D (a) Align text Align selected text with tag <div>
Shift+Ctrl+G Bold Set selected text in bold
Shift+Ctrl+I Italic Set selected text in italic
Shift+Ctrl+U Underline Set selected text underlined
Shift+Ctrl+F Apply filter Apply user filter to selected text (Configure the filter by selecting Ctrl+D => Filter/Paste)
Shift+Ctrl+M Convert to lowercase Convert selected text to lowercase
Ctrl+Alt+M (a) Convert to uppercase Convert selected text to uppercase
Shift+Ctrl+S Convert spaces Convert spaces to  
Shift+Ctrl+P Convert to asp or php Replace " character in selected text with \" (PHP) or "" (ASP)
Ctrl+H Insert Html string... Insert string and convert special chars to HTML entities
Shift+Ctrl+H Convert to HTML Convert special chars to HTML entities in selected text
Actions -> Special
Ctrl+P Add list items... Define list style to insert
Ctrl+B Insert tag... Insert tag or enclose selected text within specified tag
Shift+Ctrl+B Insert tag ASP or PHP Insert <% %> or <? ?>
Ctrl+N Add invisible char Add non-breaking space
Ctrl+M Add carriage return Add tag <br>
Shift+Ctrl+C Insert comment Insert Html comment
Ctrl+Alt+C (a) Add HTML color Add numeric HTML color from color palette
Ctrl+Alt+O (a) Open... Open project files
Ctrl+F10 Projects list Display projects list
Shift+F10Folder FileOpen project explorer handling folder of current file
Display -> Views
F2 Documents Switch to panel "Documents" to edit some code
F6 Images Switch to panel "Images" to explore code images
F7 Links Switch to panel "Links" to explore code links
F8 Properties Switch to panel "Properties"
F9 Page Launch default browser to view the page
F10 Folders Switch to panel "Folders" to manage internal folders
F11 Information Switch to panel "Information"
F12 Organize... Organize opened documents
Ctrl+F11 Clip Library Display or mask a dockable windows with useful clips
Ctrl+D Languages Select from complete drop-down lists of native functions, methods and properties in ASP, PHP, VBScript, ADOB, CSS-1 to insert in document at the cursor.
F5 Refresh Refresh active panel view
Ctrl+KShow blocksHighlight dynamic code blocks
Shift+Ctrl+KBrace-MatchingHighlight brace block '{}', '()' or '[]'
F1 Summary Help summary
Shift+F1 Index Help index
Ctrl+F1 Contextual Help Html or php help for current tag or function

o In editor:

Ctrl+J Show Code Template (drop-down list of macros)
Ctrl+Space Show Code Completion drop-down.
Shift+Ctrl+Space Show Code Hint (syntax help for PHP function parameters)
Ctrl+Right One word to the right
Ctrl+Left One word to the left
Ctrl+PgUp Top of screen
Ctrl+PgDn Bottom of screen
Alt+Right Next document
Alt+Left Previous document
Alt+Up Beginning of current code block: '()', '{}' ou '[]'
Alt+Down End of current code block: '()', '{}' ou '[]'
Ctrl+T Delete word to the right of cursor
Ctrl+BkSp Delete word to the left of cursor
Ctrl+Y Delete current line (entire line).
Shift+Ctrl+Y Delete to end of line (from cursor right).
Ctrl+Del Delete text within 2 HTML tags.
Shift+Ctrl+Del Delete the both HTML tags (open/close) around the text.
Escape Cancel selection / Close Code Completion
F4 Toggle text selection mode (Normal/Column/Line)
From Shift+Ctrl+0
to Shift+Ctrl+9
Place Bookmark
From Ctrl+0
to Ctrl+9
Go to Bookmark

Note :
(a) Extended shortcuts: can be deactivated in general Options.

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