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February 2002
o News:
- History requests in SQL console.
- In code completion for php vars HAPedit takes care about 'portability'. That means: vars after cursor are ignored and files inserted with a 'require' clause are scanned.
- New useful shortcuts:
o Alt+Left or Alt+Right (arrows) to change current document.
o Ctrl+Space to popup code completion.
o Tab or Shift+Tab to indent selected text.
o Shift+Ctrl+X to cut selected text (Ctrl+X) and paste clipboard text (Ctrl+V).
o Ctrl+C in SQL console grid results to copy selected cells.
o Improvements:
- In SQL console, invalid requests are no more stored in history.
- In image preview from project explorer (double-clicking on an image file) there are buttons to go to next or previous image in list.
o Fixed bugs:
- SmartUpdate
- Php4 detection.
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