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Оваа страна не постои на Македонски јазик !

Since version 2.3, there is only one file to download.
Some modules will be downloaded at run-time (after confirmation).

.zip file fills application, languages and Add-Ons. (Unzip&Run)
First launch of a given Add-On, it automatically downloads the necessary module. The next time, it automatically launches without needing to download it.
HAPedit is shipped with English-US and French languages.
At this time, 12 environment languages are available. See "Преведување" if you want to translate into your language HAPedit or this site.
Корисни алатки:
To develop web site, you will need others tools. Here a selected tools list.
Freeware сајтови:
On these sites, only freewares...

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