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Here some tools that will be very usefull to build web sites:

  • Apache: Apache
    This is the best http server; powerful, stable, fast, high security level, freeware; a lot of good things.

  • PHP: php
    This is the best engine to build dynamic pages; stable, fast, high security level, freeware; a lot of good things too.

  • mySQL:
    Very good Data Base manager, often linked with Apache and PHP.

  • Tiny: Tiny
    This is a firewall that will allow to protect your machine when you are connected to the internet.
    This is highly recommanded if you have http server.

  • XnView: XnView
    This is an image editor for basic retouching; freeware, light, multi-language, folder browser and a powerful format convertion function.

  • The Gimp : The Gimp
    This is an image editor for advanced retouching; freeware, powerful, same as photoshop; available for Linux and Windows.

  • IIS/ASP:
    The web server by microsoft that integrates dynamic pages management (asp) for NT stations.
    Not light, not securised (there are many patches), not optimised. Can't be compare to couple Apache/PHP.
    (Same address and same remarks for PWS, asp server for win98)

Види исто така: HAPedit, Freeware сајтови

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