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April 2002
o News:
- Automatic brace-matching: highlight blocks '{}', '()', '[]' when cursor is close to one of those chars.
- Code Template (Ctrl+J).
- Support .chm format for php manual.
- You can choose other extension that '.inc' for include files. See: Options, tab Extensions.
- In window 'Open files of the project' (Alt+Ctrl+O), you can specify a folder.
- In SQL console, new tab 'Structure' displays the SQL request that you should write to create the table corresponding to last 'Select' request.
- Shortcut 'Shift+Ctrl+S' to save all documents. In Options, a checkbox activates this shortcut.
- In Editor options, if 'Deactivate scrolling paste in end of line' is checked, it will place cursor at end of line if you click beyond the end of line. Sample: NotePad doesn't scroll at end of line.
o Improvements:
- Image of 'BookMarkers' are now more obvious.
- Edition interface for 'select' and 'textearea' tags parameters.
- Add-ons stay in memory after their first start-up; second startup will be instantaneous.
o Fixed bugs:
- Code Hint works with non-French keyboards. Code completion doesn't close if you press 'Shift'.
- Closing last document after multi-file search. Pressing a key raised an error until current document changes.
- SQL console highlights key-word Sum.
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