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February 2003
o News:
- HAPedit environment in Spanish.
- Code Completion lists ASP functions defined in your code.
- "Disabled" and "ReadOnly" in 'input' tags.
- In "Replace" window, it is able to apply a "filter" to found text.
- In Clip Library, a list of Unicode font names.
o Improvements:
- Lists of ASP functions, HTML tags and attributes for code completion is available in English.
- 'Title' attribute management in 'img' settings.
- Right-click on a document tab will activate document tab where you clicked.
- PNG transparency files management.
o Fixed Bugs:
- 'tr' tag settings.
- Double-click on a tag didn't select the tag in some case.
- Rename an edited file in project explorer.
- Inserting 'strike' tag.
- "Save as" in parsed code. (Ctrl+F2)
- Editing anchor attribute in link (a) settings form.
- JavaScript syntax highlighting.
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